Social Media Monitoring presented. Social Web automatisch überwachen. (8/10)

A Regular monitoring of activities provides information on, whether the social media marketing of the company is successful. As with all other marketing activities such evaluation is important, to optimize a campaign and a budget efficiently.

The Monitoring can be outsourced to external service, but also up to a certain size are carried out independently.

Independent, regular, Search manual, venue of the relevant dialogues, is very tedious and time consuming.
Big companies and famous brands, it is only possible, to focus on specific services, since the flood of content is usually too large. Nevertheless, it is also a risk, important dialogues that are missed.

Professional social media monitoring solutions.
These software solutions for monitoring are from about. 500 U.S. dollars a month to have.
Here the key words events, Product name, Companies, Trademarks or the combination of both. This will also allow Comparison between several brands.
This will not only own but also the dialogues of the competition analysis. It is possible to filter out opinions, a Tendency (positive, negative, neutral) to note.

With the help of social media monitoring tools may be preliminary evidence of moods are captured. These services can automatically Number of positive and negative opinions to evaluate a specific keyword.


Aspects such as Irony the algorithms not properly evaluate.
sufficient for a first impression, these tools may.

But even with these tools a Amount of manual work needed is. They offer countless options, which must be set correctly. Moreover, the results must ultimately be evaluated manually.
An analysis of all results can be accepted by an agency.

Microsoft developed under the working title “Looking Glass” a new social media product. This will allow marketers, To search social networks for brands and companies, and to analyze.
Similar tools are already used by vendors such as Peoplebrowsr, Socialseek or recently Salesforce offered.

There are free variants of the social media monitoring tools, but so far only for the microblogging service Twitter:

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  1. Thanks for the comments. Whether you opt for a free or fee-based tool for monitoring depends in my opinion is also strongly influenced by the size of the respective companies. In Lensspirit (with 35 Employees) we use Is sufficient for entry. Later, when requirements increase and the complexity can still change.

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