Usability is also a matter of courtesy

25. July 2008 – 17:14

Website operators should find out, what are the three most important things, the users want to do on your site. This is a step towards Nutzerfreundlicheit.

You should tell the users exactly, do what they know and put them in carrying out their duties no "stones" in the way, dh. expect unnecessary steps. Then the user to stay on the site and in the best case, to return to her.

Sometimes it is not, that a website operator must prepare its users inconvenience, if, for example. the opportunities and resources are not available, to ensure a quick smooth.

In this case, he should apologize at least.

If the user can not make the, what they want, then they should be informed, that the company or site operator is aware, that it be inconvenient and it "sorry".

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