The instructions for building an eye-tracking system

The technical report of Parkhurst ISU-HCI-2005-04 of 18.04.2005 is the openEyes toolkit” presented.

The instructions for the construction of a eye-tracking goggles

The eye-tracking (Eyetracking) has proved successful for the human-computer interaction as a useful methodology. This ranges from the explicit control of computer interfaces to adaptive interfaces.

There were a number of obstacles in the integration of eye tracking into everyday use. Besides the robustness it is also the intrusiveness, the availability and price of eye-tracking- Systems, the difficulties already in the process.

To these obstacles to shrink a little, have Winfeld, Li, Babcock and the Parkhurst "Open eyes toolkit developed.

This toolkit for a digital eye-tracking can be built from a free hardware design.

It consists of low-cost standard components and modules from a number of free open source software for capturing a digital image, for the handling and analysis of eye movement measurement- Anwendungsmöglichkeiten.

The developers expect, that this toolkit for the increase in eye-tracking- Applications will encourage and facilitate the ultimate integration of eye tracking into everyday human-machine interfaces interfaces.

In the report, the methodological and technical challenges of low-cost eye tracking as well as discussed the design- Decisions from which the actual current system was formed.

In the end, the benefits of open hardware and open software- Approach received, also on the ways to simplify the integration of eye tracking into everyday human-machine interfaces. (Jason Babcock)

The use of eye tracking for usability testing and advertising research has long been a profit.

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