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Anyone can test

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Anyone can test

You want, as tester, user-friendly Internet services & applications (Software) shape? 
Websites, Online Shops& test applications with us?

Die UX (user experiences) & Joy of use, the "Joy of Use" best immen?

  • Just put yourself in theForma.
  • Your personal opinion matters. Wir testen nicht Sie, ratherwith you.
  • For our test portal (Test persons database) We seek people with a lot & little Internet experience.

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Thank you, Ihre Userfriends.

End usability test

How a usability test

Please remember

  • Wir testen nicht Sie, rathertogetherwith you the software, the website, the online / mobile shop or an application on usability.
  • Es gibt demnach keine richtigen oder falschen Antworten.
  • It isYour personal opinion, which we are interested!

Interview + questionnaire

  • A usability expert you asked, also online, u. for your personal opinion & TheirTo wish.
  • In addition, please fill i.d.R. a questionnaire.

How long does the test?

  • I.d.R. 1- 2 Hours.

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Where the usability testing will take place? places:

Altensteinstraße 44 B
14195 Berlin-Dahlem

Mobile-Lab "Accessibility / Accessibility for testers"

Our mobile lab comes to you.Please contact us.



  • You get i.d.R. an allowance in the amount of40-60 Euro.For a period of approximately. 1 Hour.
  • Alternatively, get a discount orVoucher.
  • TomTom thanked with a prototype study with diary 350,- Euro.

Example- Compensation Esprit usability test

  • Here it is assumed, that you want to shop at Esprit.
  • You will receive as compensation75 %  Discounton one, to be made by you in test, Online Shopping in the Esprit shop "".
  • This discount is valid up to a value of 250,- Euro.

Example-invoice: They look for Esprit products worth 250,- € from. Then you get 75 %. Dh. You only pay 62,50 Euro. Thus you save187,50 Euro.
However, you do not have to fully exploit the value of goods, but also less able to invest, a 75 % to get discount. The 250,- thus euros are considered value of goods limit for receipt of rebate.

User Research

Expiration Online usability test

The flow at a usability test (UX) Online


  • I.d.R. 5-10 Minutes before your personal appointment.


  • You need aMicrophone and aCamera.
  • On the agreed date then we connect to your computer (Smartphone / Tablet), to view work with you to the website or the online store.

Info Online Usability-Test

  • During the remote usability testing, we can see your screen and control your computer.
  • but of course you can see every move, every click, we make. ALSO, you can always take control.
  • Of course,transmit any information to us. Nevertheless, we ask you to close all windows and documents containing confidential information.
  • It is just as, as if we are sitting together in front of your computer.
  • In a Esprit usability test e.g., However, make your private online shopping alone again. D.h., Disconnect. We turn to us only about the coupon code entry again again.


  • I.d.R. 1- 2 Hours.

Thank you, Ihre Userfriends.

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