What to consider when in the viral marketing viral?

Kern der Strategie für ein virales Video ist , das Video bereits am ersten Tag auf die „Most Viewed“ -Liste zu bekommenHier sind ein paar Maßnahmen, and are required for inclusion in the "Most Viewed" list 50.000 get audience

It will start new threads in relevant forums. For this purpose, multiple accounts per forum be necessary, the start together a conversation about the video.

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Viral Marketing & Social Media Marketing. Emotions to a friend. Viral Marketing presented.

Structurally, said viral marketing and social media marketing, the same.
There are differences in the methods, the execution and performance measurement…
Fear, Rancor and anger are well before cheerfulness and Humor. Humor can be different and thus not collectively drive. More than a funny clip so it must already be, so that consumers buy the advertised product then. Clips on TV advertising style have little relevance to the collective-oriented, interactive consumers….

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