Usability & UserExperience (UX) compared. Stichwort User Centered Design (UCD)

A high degree of usability means roughly an application can use intuitively to. Anwendungen sollen# aufgabenangemessen
# selbstbeschreibungsfähig
# taxable….UserExperience, Abbreviation UX, than the use of experience or. the user experience, describes on objective usability criteria, the totality of the experience, which a user around the use of an application makes…UX criteria
The focus is not only the usability requirements are at the functional level, sondern
auch z.B.:

* Mediation of trust and credibility
* the degree of innovation
* design…
subjektive Wahrnehmung > objektiven Eigenschaften
Ein Beispiel aus dem alltäglichen Gebrauch ist ein gute Pfanne:
"With my favorite pan the food tastes better, it burns to nothing, like so and I maintain it. "
The technical characteristics, however, can be very important for the user.

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