What to consider when in the viral marketing viral?

30. May 2009 – 13:01

means within the advertising form of viral marketing Viral a commercial, produced expressly for the Internet and in communities and portals scattered.

User do not like, if you want to impress them all too obvious advertising

The viral spot must therefore have something to content, what the user perceives as more worthy of recommendation, to disseminate this. Compact, „lustig“, controversial, sexy or just useful here are good conditions for a transfer. But be cautious. Already humor is a matter of taste, as well as the decision on a personal benefit.

In principle, however, spread within the viral marketing content, at best, without fault of their own on the users themselves. Accordingly, often intentionally violated a viral commercial, the formal and substantive conventions of television- and cinema advertising, a higher level of attention to achieve.

The concept of viral marketing is designed to, that Internet users click on the movie or a link and pass this along, because he likes them. Es genügt jedoch heutzutage aber nicht mehr, Simply upload a video at various portals, in order to make viral.

Rather, specific measures necessary, to ensure the success.

Core of the strategy is , the video on the first day on the "Most Viewed "List to get. At that moment, the video that is not only one of 10.000 new videos per day are, but one of the 20 Top videos per day.
Ca. 80 Million videos to click every day on YouTube and a significant part of the user first sees a video of the "Most Viewed" list.

Here are a few Measures, and are required for inclusion in the "Most Viewed" list 50.000 get audience

  • Forums

It will start new threads in relevant forums. For this purpose, multiple accounts per forum be necessary, the start together a conversation about the video.

  • MySpace

MySpace allows its users to embed videos in comments. This fact is used, to spread the video on MySpace.

  • Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • E-Mail-Listen

For a mailing, e-mail addresses of users purchased, have agreed to the reception.

  • Friends

By a very large circle of friends (from about. 1.000 E-mail Addresses) gibt es die Möglichkeit allein durch das Mailing an Freunde eine hohe Aufmerksamkeit zu erzeugen.

After launch of the video, usually follow. ca. 48 Hours for further adjustments to increase the virality.
These include Titeloptimierung, Thumbnailoptimierung, Commentary, etc.

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  2. Toller Beitragsinvolle Tipps!

    By Thomas Hertkorn on Jun 15, 2009

  3. Sehr interessanter Beitrag. Insbesondere sind die Email-Listen sehr von Nutzen. Das sind sog. Paidmailer und bringen sehr viele Besucher auf das eigene Video. Jedoch muss man hier ein wenig Geld hinlegen 😉

    By Blog Verzeichnis on Jun 30, 2009

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