Social Media sprint. Facebookmarketing, Targeting, Win-win-Situation.

3. February 2010 – 14:31

At the conclusion of the Social Media series is said, that many social media, But not all companies has arrived. To avoid “too late” is, should work cut the brands and companies.

Social Media ranked 1

According to the study “BVDW trend in percent” the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft is social media on the first place of the central issues in the digital economy. Social Media is faced with Mobile, Moving Image, Privacy Policy, Performance Marketing und Targeting. (See Targeting in five parts)

Zentralen Themen der digitalen Wirtschaft

Central themes of the digital economy


I think, It will be the first, who have dealt with social media, the most of it benefit.
For the “reserves” not least because of a Branding effect, when it comes to weed out.
[Dh. Consumers tend to move before the, what they know more or evaluate a better image, alone because of its high visibility]

  • So if as yet no way (dh. a suitable platform) has found, to communicate with consumers almost friendly, should now be tackled.

Aussieben – Information overload

If only once "all" companies and brands as. represented on Facebook, Will the user decide at some point be, by whom he was really a fan of, dh. with whom he “friends” like to be.
Not all companies do it then, their customers a corresponding Involvement to activate.
A social media- will prevent information overload consumers surely only the companies maintain with on the friends list, use them personally. Dh. create a personal interest and / or a genuine Value offer.


User Friend on Facebook

Opportunities – Targeting – Facebookmarketing

Now that some voices against the targeting of W3B online survey (of mostly older users) were loud,
This also shows the potential of Facebook marketing. Because of Facebook users, even under these & What. there is less in this study agreement to the negatively charged statement: “I feel myself observed by personalized advertising”.

Win- win –Situation

So Facebook users can and “do” be addressed target group oriented and performance-based order.
For the company offers a efficient marketing model, Advertising which offers only the desired target group and which also paid for the first, if the target group is interested.

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