Social Media-Warum Social Media? (7/10)

20. October 2009 – 15:33

The Social Web is constantly growing and well-known brands can not escape today already. Even small firms are not able to avoid social media marketing.

Who risked ignoring the negative consequences for dialogue and brand Fima.
All business activities in the social web can help, that the marks "touchable" are. It is to be a closer relationship between the company and the consumer.
Dh. Konsumentenpsychologisch, the Involvement to be increased. (both the personal and the product involvement).

Rapid response to a crisis.
Also can help a strong network, False information, circulating on the Net, to refute in a short time. Certainly develop in the first. In principle, however,: "Grumble" Customers can always, but face them and ask, To resolve the misunderstanding, are the quality criteria, which such a communication "on par" to be.

Social Media is the:

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Customer Loyalty
  3. Imageverbesserung + Branding
  4. Innovation Research

Short-term, and measurable objectives in part 10- What exactly is measurable? By what measurement criteria? described in more detail.

1. Customer acquisition.
Expansion of the target groups, netzaffiner by reaching target groups, of the traditional media are hardly addressed yet and by strengthening the recommendation of friends.

2. Customer loyalty dialogue between companies and their potential customers
Transparency allow manufacturers and new insights into the company.
Nor should such criticism ignores. On the contrary, No one is free from error or if the company receives it, the Authenticity increased and the company that makes human.

3. Imageverbesserung + Branding- Reputation of a company.

With Value in online dialogue with users, to be the clients or customers are already, to the Image the company sharpen. The positive perception of the brand can thus be increased.

4. Innovationsforschung-Ideensuche.
Knowledge, what the users want to generate some completely new ideas.

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