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Mobile Marketing (3/4). Social Media Mobile. Branding & Involvement “pur“.

20. July 2010 – 19:01

Werber this time, looks to local services.

Social Media Mobile

The fusion of the technical capabilities of a smartphone (GPS also), standortbezogene Services /Location Based Services (LBS ) and Social Media, revealed an effective advertising channel. From konsumentenpsychologischer view.

Local Services. Location-based networks
There are already services with a mixture Freundesnetzwerk, Empfehlungsportal and Geodateneingabe with real-time character.

  • Users can tell their friends, where they are and leave tips on the locations or Leave feedback.
    ZB. Gowalla, Ends and a German network Friendticker, reported on W&V Media in July.
  • In addition, they can eg. their own Web Page Setup, to location-based information exchange, or to communicate via Twitter. (zB. Dailyplaces with iPhone app)
  • Social networks are already integrated LBS. Twitter (worldwide 100 Million users) offered in June in the US a function, automatically sends the user with spatial data.
  •, a service from Wiesbaden, also enables e.g.. uploading photos.

This gives a very high Involvement with the company / the brand / the product.

For advertisers interested. Examples: Foursquare und Places.


  • In Foursquare is yet to add another interactive element.
    This is, in addition to Branding, in form of Mehrwerts ( Social Media), to Customer Loyalty.
  • Foursqare is the most popular network worldwide and currently has about. one million users and a daily log to new.
  • Users can "collect badges". Dh. whenever they are in a certain place (zB. at Starbucks or McDonald's or even at your favorite italian) can "check in". The respective most common "A-Checker" in one place, may be called the mayor and may-in contrast to real life- be bribed.

In the U.S., brands are already using this social media channel, in which they are Markenbekenner corresponding Added value.

Such added value

  • Starbucks is the "Mayor" of its outlets at each time check, Coffee-Vouchers.
  • The History Channel provides Facts, when it is entered in a specific place, a status message.

  • Places are free from Google current in the U.S. tested and will soon be offered internationally.
  • For 25$ Advertisers can their location with yellow squares on the Google map mark and describe.
  • Google adds the information with your own photos. The search for places will be supplemented by the search for local merchants and service providers.
  • Also getting the Unternemen QR-Codes (Barcodes) business card, Flyers and window stickers, that can be read from any mobile phone camera. Thus, a user can contact by phone with an advertising about the company Warn.

Other advantages. Konsumentenpsychologisch.

Branding + Acceptance

  • Also KMU can, Besides the "big" with the right added value, the Visibility its brand, enormous increase.
  • In addition, the acceptance of a product is or similar. by Opinions of Caregivers increased (social norm = others would find "it" well).

Involvement & Recommendation

  • An "employment" with the brand strengthens the respect of customers.
  • Used a direct recommendation of opinion leaders is particularly effective.

Markenbekenner & Multipliers (meist Early Adopter) should of advertisers "In good spirits" be held.

More Others. the combination of offline and online trading, on the last part.

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