Social Media in business-What is Social Media? (2/10)

20. October 2009 – 12:35

Social Media (social media) is a Keyword for Activities in social networks.

Social Network are network communities, Who ua. Facebook, Flickr, Xing and YouTube. But Blogs and Forums one of these platforms, the exchange of opinions, Impressions and experiences.

Read more presented on this in Part 3 services.

Social Media Marketing known activities of these platforms, "Marketing- Tools“, aimed:

  • to win new customers
  • existing customer loyalty,
  • to strengthen the company's image and brand
  • to generate ideas

The range of Activities is large. Ua. belong to:

  • Upload images
  • Write a blog entry
  • a blog entry to take up other
  • to link
  • moderate
  • respond to comments from other
  • Strategies, such as. a contest with user-generated content are planned and implemented.

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